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1st Choice Driving Academy’s Discipline Policy

Please be advised that any student violating the rules and regulations as contained in this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the class.  Disciplinary action can include suspension from class with no credit given for attendance to expulsion from the entire Driver Education course. No refunds are granted due to disciplinary action that prevents a student from completing 1st Choice Driving Academy’s Driver Education course.

Prohibited acts include, but are not limited to:

Teasing, insulting, name calling, mean or rude gestures toward peers, instructors or employees, continuous disruption of the class, spreading rumors or behavior that would hurt other’s feelings, swearing, taunting, ridiculing, humiliating, threatening, pushing, shoving, grabbing, spitting , sexual or ethnic harassment, stealing or extortion, fighting, kicking, punching, gang related gestures, assault, cheating, forgery, using cell phones during instruction times not approved by an instructor, not following the cell phone policy as outlined in the “School Rules”, destruction of property belonging to 1st Choice Driving Academy or the facility in which classes are being held.

1st Choice Driving Academy will expel any students in violation of State Laws and/or Local Ordinances which include, but are not limited to:

Abuse of fire alarms, safety equipment, bomb threats, lighting of fires or burning or attempting to burn any property belonging to the 1st Choice Driving Academy or the facility in which classes are being held or property belonging to persons employed by 1st Choice Driving academy or attending the course, or the employees of the facility in which classes are being held. Possession, use of, or threatening to use dangerous weapons such as, but not limited to: firearms, knives, iron bar, or brass knuckles. The possession of, use or threatening the use of any weapon or dangerous object capable of inflicting bodily harm including but not limited to: chains, knives, fireworks, explosives, smoke bombs, and toy weapons resembling any of the above. Possession of or being under the influence of any illegal drugs/substances.


1st Choice Driving Academy

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